Pink Phoenix: Quality of Life After Breast Cancer

Pink Phoenix™ is the United States' first dragon boat team comprised solely of breast cancer survivors. Our mission is to enhance breast cancer awareness and to provide hope for survivors that there is quality life after breast cancer.

Stamp Out Cancer fundraiser

The third annual Stamp Out Cancer fundraiser will take place on Sunday afternoon, March 15, at the Salmon Creek United Methodist Church in Vancouver.


Captain's Log: Portland Dragon Boat Races

Pink Phoenix made an impressive showing at the Portland Dragonboat Festival with two powerful crews, Pink Phoenix Courage and Pink Phoenix Strength. Although the race heats didn’t officially start until Saturday morning, our race weekend began Friday with a news story on KPTV news featuring our two Ford Models of Courage, Marisol and Tracie.

Captain's Log: Kent Cornucopia Days

Captain’s Log Star Date July 12, 2014 Kent, Washington Cornucopia Days Dragon Boat Race I couldn’t resist. No further Star Trek references though, I promise. Once again this year Pink Phoenix was able to put two boats on the water during the same weekend, Pink Phoenix Inspire and Pink Phoenix Empower. At least this year we were at the same event and not two states apart.

2013 Gorman Cup a Rose Festival Hit

This years Rose Festival Dragon Boat Races were highlighted by the Gorman Cup Race held mid day Saturday. Almost 100 survivors , in four boats raced across the river to remind themselves , and the spectators that there is hope and quality of life after a breast cancer diagnosis. Embracing life is what is means to be a survivor.