Pink Phoenix

Pink Phoenix Dragon Boat Team Competes to Show Quality of Life After Breast Cancer

Pink Phoenix™ is the United States' first dragon boat team consisting solely of breast cancer survivors. Our mission is to enhance breast cancer awareness and to provide hope for survivors that there is quality life after breast cancer.


Captain's Log: Kent Cornucopia Days

Captain’s Log
Star Date July 12, 2014
Kent, Washington Cornucopia Days Dragon Boat Race
I couldn’t resist. No further Star Trek references though, I promise.


"Go Fish!" wins the Gorman Cup

Greeters deal out cards

Twenty-some guests, several Pink Phoenix alumni and breast cancer survivors from other teams joined Pink Phoenix to fill four boats for the Gorman Cup, the team's annual community event held during the Rose Festival Dragon Boat Race. Many participants dug through the Pink Phoenix treasure trunk to find pink boas, pink plastic lei's and outrageous hats to wear for the exhibition race.


Ready for Rose Festival: One Team & Two Crews

(Out in a boat with Drew Carney)

Pink Phoenix will have two crews competing in this weekend's Rose Festival Dragon Boat Races on the Willamette River. There won't be any other BCS teams at the festival which puts our crews up against some very fine local teams.


RIce in the River

In China, the Dragon Boat Festival is a cultural holiday occurring on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month (June 2 in 2014). Recognizing the Double Fifth holiday, Pink Phoenix members learned the legend of Qu Yuan (read about him below) and left rice on the Willamette River today, honoring a traditional Chinese ritual.


Your Gorman Cup Invitation: come play with us!

Fans love the Gorman Cup paddlers!

Local breast cancer survivors are invited to join Pink Phoenix members, paddlers from other dragon boat teams and other non-paddlers for the Gorman Cup, a fire-breathing, ferocious yet friendly race across the Willamette. Oh, the adrenalin!